About The Theme

We recently asked some of the teens in the youth group what they felt like was one of their greatest needs. Interestingly, nearly all of their answers centered in on what they saw as a “lack of courage.”  Lack of courage in facing sin. Lack of courage to be who they are individually and in the church. Lack of courage to talk to their friends about God. Lack of courage in standing up against our culture’s agendas. To put it simply, they feel like they needed a boost of courage.

For this reason, the theme for the 2018 Bear Valley Youth Rally is “Valor.”  Valor is defined as, “great courage in the face of danger.”  Who better to look to for courage than a young man not too many years apart from our teens? Who better to look to for valor than the young man who faced up with a lion, a bear, and a giant? Who better to look to for bravery than the young man who stood above his entire nation in his faith and dedication? There is perhaps no better example of valor than in the young David (1 Samuel 16-17).