About Our Theme

You don’t have to be a youth expert to know teens often feel worn out. While growing and developing plays a big part in their exhaustion, it just scratches the surface. Today’s teens have a tremendous load stacked on their shoulders, perhaps more than any generation before them – and it’s taking a toll. Studies show teens are coping with unhealthy levels of stress during the school year (APA). This has resulted in 1 in 3 teens feeling overwhelmed, depressed, and fatigued (ibid). With this in mind, it shouldn't be surprising that the teen suicide rates have increased by nearly 70% between 2007 and 2017 (AFSP).

The overall takeaway is this – teens are worn out.  And if we think the church is immune from this, we’re fooling ourselves. 

This is why the theme for our youth rally this year is “WORN.” We want to talk about the stress we’re dealing with as well as the greatest stress reliever, the Lord (Isaiah 40:27-31).