New Hampshire, U.S.A.

The Belanger and Rollert Families

Shane and Paula Belanger and familyIt is no secret how difficult the mission field in the Northeast section of the United States has been. Religious traditions date back to Colonial days brought over from England. These traditions continue to hold deep historical roots in this part of our country. By the mid 1940s the church of Christ was almost nonexistent among the six states comprising the New England area. By definition, we are witnessing one of the great mission fields in the world.
The constant plea for families to help with the growth of the church in the Northeast has not been ignored. Two families, recent graduates from the Bear Valley Bible Institute, have answered the need. The Belanger family; Shane, Paula, Jessica, Kelsey, Kaitlyn and Joshua, along with the Rollert family; David, Keeley and Silas have moved to Tilton, New Hampshire to help with the great need of the church. 
David and Keeley RollertWhile the initial stages of their plans are just beginning, they have already shown the maturity needed to help fulfill the purpose God has opened for them. The skill sets each family brings to the work will provide a positive foundation for God to use these families in the growth of His kingdom.
The Bear Valley congregation is excited about the opportunity of sharing in the work of these two families. They are already active in strengthening the local congregation and encouraging leadership development. The year ahead will unfold plans of outreach into what has been in the past an unreceptive mission field with the use of House to House, Heart to Heart. We are confident God will work through their faithful hearts to make a needed difference in this area.