Gorlovka, Ukraine

Andrew and Veronica Zhuravlev

The history of Ukraine is rich and tragic in political repression which has affected the religious structure of this once Soviet run country. Since World War II, the multifaceted history of independence and the influence of the Orthodox Church in Ukraine created a fragmented political identity that has provided the frame work for the need of God’s mission.

Having endured this fragmented past, a majority of Ukraine’s older generation has been unreceptive to the teachings of the gospel. However, doors appear open for a younger generation. Facing these challenges, along with recent struggles from within the Lord’s church, the Bear Valley elders recognized the need to have someone who was able to address the obstacles in growing the Lord’s church in Ukraine.

Andrew, Veronica and Elijah ZhuavlevAndrew Zhuralov was highly qualified for the task. His Biblical soundness, previous work experience in the Lord’s church at Ilovaisk, educational background, and awareness of the need, elevated him as a prime candidate for the work.

Bear Valley is proud and thankful to share in the work Andrew and his wife, Veronica, have undertaken in the development of the church in Gorlovka, Ukraine. They have already demonstrated the ability to be successful in planting the seed of the gospel and seeing it grow to fruition. Their plans for growing the Lord’s body in Ukraine include two evangelistic campaigns each year with an emphasis on the younger generation. They also plan to work with the socially unprotected population of Gorlovka, young people brought up in orphanages and people with disabilities. Their outreach will provide a spiritual identity as part of the framework in God’s mission for Ukraine.