When The Winds Blow

Everyone has been left shocked and heartbroken by the recent tornado in Moore, OK.  Meteorologists have said this tornado was about a mile wide, traveled 17 miles on the ground, and produced winds up to 200 mph, making this tornado an EF4 (and these numbers may increase).  From the immense damage to structures to the deaths of 24 people so far (including 9 children), this has been a horrific event.

Strangely, as I was hearing reports, seeing pictures, and watching videos of this tragedy, a specific song kept repeating in my mind.  The song is one many teens have sung called, “I Am a Sheep.”  This might seem like an odd song to be thinking of at a time like this.  However, the specific phrase that came to mind is the chorus, which says, “And when the winds blow He is my shelter, and when I’m lost and alone He rescues me.”

In Oklahoma, people took to shelters and looked for safety when the tornado sirens began to blare.  Some found protection, but at least 24 did not.  When the winds begin to blow, even if it is in the form of 200 mph winds from a tornado, faithful Christians can take comfort in the fact that they are spiritually sheltered even when physical shelter is no where to be found (Psalm 91:1-4).  Many people are lost, missing, and alone in the wake of this tornado.  Even though we might be physically lost and alone, faithful Christians can take comfort in the fact that we have been rescued spiritually (Colossians 1:13-14).

This song came to mind because it describes the wonderful feeling of comfort which comes from a relationship with God even when tragedy is happening around us.  Let’s be sure to pray for those affected by the recent tornadoes.  However, let’s also use this event as a reminder that there is no greater shelter and protection on earth than being “in Christ Jesus” and “clothing ourselves with Christ” (Galatians 3:26-27).