"I've Got Something More Important To Do"

Neal Pollard

In John 4:7, the Bible says that a woman of Samaria came to draw water.  She met Jesus at the well and He taught her in such an incredible way that John 4:28 says, "The woman then left her waterpot" in her excitement to tell her neighbors about Jesus. In John 4:8, Jesus sent His disciples into the city to buy food. When they return with it in John 4:31 and urge Him to eat, Jesus seems to have lost interest in physical food in favor of another kind of food, His father's will and work (John 4:34).  In both cases, the physical interest was eclipsed by the spiritual need.

How unlike the woman and Jesus we can be sometimes!  A workday, service project, gospel meeting, fellowship activity, or involvement meeting is announced, but we rarely if ever participate.  Instead, we have prioritized earthly things over these.  We let our children miss church services for their sports, homework, job, or other activities, choosing or allowing them to choose the earthly over the spiritual.  Do we ever abandon Jesus for the water pot, the food, or some 21st-Century equivalent?

I am convicted that I have often chosen the earthly over the spiritual when I worry about this world and its distractions, when I neglect prayer and Bible study, when money and material things become too important to me, and when I am not actively seeking ways to serve Christ or save souls.  An occasional shortcoming that does not characterize me is one thing, but I do not want to become like those bread-chasers in John 6.  I do not want to resort to Christ when all else is falling apart in my life.  I want to make Him the priority of my life, letting Him fix what is broken in me and use me as a tool in His hand.  I want to see Christ's will as most important and say instinctively, "I've got something more important to do than 'work for the food that perishes'" (John 6:27). What about you?