Transgender First-Grader?

Neal Pollard

In Fountain, Colorado, a little 6-year-old is making national news.  The focus is not as much on this little one, still innocent, born a male but professing to be a girl.  It is how the adults in the story are behaving that defies belief.

The mother, interviewed now by every media outlet, speaks solely and exclusively of the child with pronouns like “she” and “her.”  Her son believes himself to actually be a girl, so she is being raised as such.  He is in Girl Scouts, dresses like a girl, and is treated like a girl.  The story did not get media scrutiny until the child was not allowed to use the girls’ restroom at his elementary school.  It is not clear who it was, but someone alerted the media to this scandalous refusal.  The media, fully complicit with the aggressive GLBT agenda, are portraying this as a natural and normal circumstance that should draw the sympathy and support of one and all.

It appears that a great many people hearing about this are appalled and even up at arms over what these parents are pressing or even how they are parenting.  Having taken some time to consider this, my conclusion is anything but profound.  It is this, that the further we get from God the more bizarre and twisted our thinking and actions become.  However, when a society reorients its thinking in a way that moves from God, it does so to its own great peril.  Proverbs 14:34 talks about the national disgrace of sin.  This means a guilt that a person feels or should feel.  However, it is possible for a person to be beyond such feelings because of sin (cf. Eph. 4:19).  What a dangerous place at which to arrive!

Who knows how this story will end? Who knows how the six-year-old will grow up to be?What we can know from Scripture reveals a God Whose creation and design was perfect.  We change his order and pattern to our own hurt!