Three Results of Healthy Churches

The churches in all Judea, Galilee, and Samaria were hearing challenging, accurate preaching and were actively getting the truth into their communities (Acts 9:26-30).  They walked in the fear of the Lord and in the comfort of the Holy Spirit (Acts 9:31).  This led to three wonderful results, the very things we should want in our congregation today.

They were unified.  Luke records that these churches had "peace."  This word has a literal and figurative application.  While there no doubt seems to be an allusion to the absence of external pressures that were in place previously (cf. Acts 8-9).  Yet, they were preaching the word (Act 8:4) even during these hard times, and the members were drawn together by faithful service in these circumstances.  Consequently, they had peace internally even while they were debates and threats (Acts 9:29).

They were edified.  In this great, working, and spiritually healthy atmosphere, the church was uplifted.  They were building up each other and reaching out to one another.  Though it is unstated, they were no doubt making decisions and acting in such a way as to think of others before themselves.  They were acting in the best interest of one another.  What an atmosphere this produces!

They were multiplied.  Essentially, they were experiencing numerical growth because of the spiritual atmosphere.    Because the church was obeying, serving, and honoring Jesus as Lord, they grew.  So, it will ever be.  Genuine, sustainable growth does not come through the bells and whistles of fads and fashions taken from society or the religious world.  Live out the word in your life, and you will see growth.

The Holy Spirit gives us good and bad examples of churches and individuals throughout the Bible.  The purpose of this is to help us know how we ought to conduct ourselves in the household of God (cf. 1 Timothy 3:15).  Thank God for the example found in Acts 9:31.