Are You Over-Thinking?

USA Today ran a front page story about a brain study related to Alzheimer's Disease.  The caption reads, "Overthinking can be good for us."  The subheading continues, "Dementia appears less likely to creep into thought-filled brains."  The brain is extremely complex, so much so that conditions like Alzheimer's remain largely a mystery as to cause and predisposition.  The focus of this study, more than 9,000 middle-aged men, were asked to rate the degree to which they "ruminate" over family and work difficulties.  Those who tended to "overthink" or "ruminate" were 40% less likely to suffer dementia than their more carefree counterparts.  

It seems that "overthink" or "ruminate" is a sophisticated way of saying "worrying."  While worrying might be thought to be good for the brain, it's not good for the soul.  It may be awfully tempting to worry about health, finance, relationships, family, occupation, enemies, friends, time, and the future, but it can also be sinful (cf. Matt. 6:24-33).  A repeated principle of scripture is to "trust in the Lord and do not lean on your own understanding" (cf. Prov. 3:5-6).  When our hearts fully trust and believe that God is in control of our lives and will ultimately save our souls, where is there room left there for worry?  If you want a healthy brain, read more, do crossword puzzles, drink green tea, and, best of all, fill your mind with God's Word!  Don't worry.