Neal Pollard

A preacher, so bold and decisive,

With bluster and confidence speaks

No matter that his words are divisive

Or that no biblical foundation he seeks

He panders to the people's inclinations

He knows just the buttons to press

For he growls with authoritative intonations

Uses guilt and contempt in excess

He binds without scriptural authority

He calls judgment and expedites sin

With a broad stroke he paints with audacity

In his efforts his own converts to win

Do not look at his practice, hear his preaching

Please don't search for a chapter or verse

Ask not if he's consistent in his teaching

He's got swagger, he's impressively terse

Consistency's a jewel he's discarded

His agenda is what he's crowned king

Sage counsel he has effortlessly disregarded

Accountability seems to him a bad thing

Lord help me be gentle and humble

And a careful and diligent student

To warn others, knowing full well I stumble

Lord, help me be both spiritual and prudent

For the work of the public proclaimer

As a mere servant of the Most High God

Is promoting His Word with no fear or disclaimer

Mindful of where our own footsteps have trod

For the teacher is held to a much higher standard

The leader must account for those led

Woe to men who with smooth speech have pandered

Or who let the praises of men fill their head

Let the public speaker be filled with godly valor

Letting Scripture be the beacon and guide

Avoiding the extremes of cowardly pallor

And self-centered, unmitigated pride.