Neal Pollard

The writer of Psalm 33 is unknown to us, but his words are powerful and poignant.  Particularly comforting is the heart of the psalm, verses six through seventeen.  From these verses, we are reminded about God's position in the affairs of mankind on earth.

The Lord who looks from heaven created everything (Ps. 33:6).  He is neither caught off guard by nor unprepared for the things that happen over all the earth, in a single nation, or a single person's life.  He preceded us under the sun He created, and, unless Christ comes again in our life, He will succeed us as we head to the grave.

The Lord who looks from heaven sustains everything (Ps. 33:7).  He even controls the weather, the water cycle, and every other facet of nature.  He has a firm grasp over all the things, nor'easters, tornadoes, earthquakes, blizzards, and other storms, that threaten to overwhelm and eclipse us.

The Lord who looks from heaven controls everything (Ps. 33:8-12).  He controls the world and nature (8-9).  He controls what happens in nations (10).  His plans cannot be thwarted by men (11).  He blesses nations that serve and acknowledge Him (12).  That is never in doubt for even a single moment.

The Lord who looks from heaven sees everyone (Ps. 33:13-15).  He sees more than politicians and voters.  He understands complex matters like quantum physics and electoral colleges. His understanding goes infinitely deeper.  He knows all hearts and understands all works, at the most intimate level.

The Lord who looks from heaven saves everyone who follows Him (Ps. 33:16-17). It is not kings, mighty armies, warriors, great strength, horses, or anything else.  The rest of the Psalm reveals the comfort for any who look to the Lord for salvation.

He delivers the souls from death who fear Him and hope for His lovingkindness (18). He helps those who wait for Him (20).  Those who trust in Him rejoice in Him (21).  May we pray with the psalmist, "Let Your lovingkindness, O Lord, be upon us, according as we have hoped in You" (22).