Neal Pollard

To Pause And Ponder Takes No Time

Yet It Changes Our Frame Of Reference.

Considering All Your Bounty Sublime

We Are Full Of Awe And Deference.

Thank You, God, For All Your Gifts

Each Day You Pour On Our Heads

Your Oil Of Favor. Our Spirit Lifts

Full Gratitude For All Your Loving Hand Sheds.

Our Very Minds, So Full And Keen

Testify Of Your Power And Grace

Our Hearts, Our Hands, Prove You Have Been

So Mindful Of Your Weak And Fallen Race.

We Lift That Mental Eye To Calvary

And See Your Son Hung On A Cross

With Tear-Filled Eyes, Your Greatest Gift We See

How Much We Gained By What He Lost.

Wherever And However We Look At Life

We See How Blessed You've Made Us All

Indebted, Through Victory Or Struggle And Strife

We Thank Your Blessings, Both Big And Small.