What DO You Have?

Neal Pollard

Most of us could have a little more financial security.  Most of us are not driving the car of our dreams, living in the house of our dreams, or going on the vacation of our dreams.  We have relationship problems, work-related problems, health problems, and miscellaneous problems.  We've been hurt, disappointed, betrayed, and mistreated. We stress, worry, and fret about our country, children, parents, job, past, present, and future.  It's not heaven here, so there is plenty that is lacking if we're looking.

But, what do you have? People can complain under the most ideal circumstances.  It takes no talent or self-discipline.  James reminds us where every good and perfect gift originates (1:17).  Jesus says our gifts can be "running over" (Lk. 6:38), and how often they are!

Do you have breath today?  Do you have eyes to see God's beauty?  Do you have the blessing of hearing, able to detect laughter and chatter?  Do you have warmth from the cold, food for the stomach, refreshing water or even coffee or tea?  Do you have family around or near, if only in your heart? Do you have friends you can count on when you need them? Do you have those to love and those who love you? Do you have sunlight and stars? Do you have a great many conveniences that billions around the world would deem luxuries (like this computer)? Do you have a stove, refrigerator, microwave, toaster, blender, table, chairs, bed, couch, and running water?  Do you have the wherewithal to take a hot shower? Do you have a toothbrush? Do you have transportation to get where you need (or want) to be, right at your disposal?  Do you have music appreciation? Do you have pleasant memories? Do you have a bed upon which to lie each night? Do you have public services--police, fire and rescue, hospitals and doctors? Do you have freedom of choice and freedom from persecution?  Do you have a church home? Do you have a God of infinite power and care, a Spirit who guided men to reveal God's perfect and complete written will, and a Savior who loved you enough to give up His life for you?

If you do, and many of you do, you have a head-start on counting your blessings.  If you concentrate, you can easily quadruple the list above in nearly no time at all.  Perhaps we all need to practice more grateful thinking and remember what all we do have!