There has been a growing amount of discussion on head injuries the last several years, especially in sports.  The more we are learning about the brain, the more we are coming to realize just how dangerous concussions can be.  If a person breaks an arm, pulls a muscle, or tears a ligament, it is nowhere near as serious as injuring the brain.  After all, a single injury to the brain can paralyze the entire body!  There is simply nothing more serious than a head injury.

The church is often referred to as a “body” (Romans 12:4f; 1 Corinthians 12:26f; Colossians 1:17f).  All of New Testament Christians in the world make up the parts of this body.  The head of this body is Jesus Christ (Colossians 1:18).  Similar to our actual bodies, it is often injured.  The church body has been subject to attacks, divisions, and many other forms of damage.  Certainly we have ourselves to blame for many of these issues.  However, thanks be to God that the Head of the church, Christ, is so well protected.  Ever since He ascended into heaven, no man has been able to lay a finger on Christ.  Even Satan is powerless to hurt Him.  Never will the church’s head be injured.

Even though we worry about head injuries, we do not need to worry about the head of the New Testament church. We never have to worry about a crippling blow to the church.  Not only is Christ perfectly protected, but He also happens to be all-powerful and all-knowing.  Christ will always reign as the church’s head.  What a blessing it is to be part of a church body with Christ as head over us!