The Master Of Winds And Waves

Neal Pollard

A historic storm is bearing down on the east coast.  Many forecasters are claiming that the impending weather phenomenon poised to hit the Mid-Atlantic and northeast, called a nor'easter, is the largest in history.  Coupled with that is the surging, strong category one hurricane, Sandy.  The two will clash together in a super storm being called "Frankenstorm"--due to its proximity in time to October 31st.  It will bring hurricane-force winds, storm surges, blizzards, tornadoes, possible tidal waves, and more.  The dramatic nature of this event was expressed this way by Stu Ostro, meteorologist for the Weather Channel: ""History is being written as an extreme weather event continues to unfold, one which will occupy a place in the annals of weather history as one of the most extraordinary to have affected the United States" (Doyle Rice, USA Today online, 10-29-12).  

Events like this give perspective to who we are in contrast to the living God!  We are small, dependent, and relatively fragile, as events like this prove.  Arrogance and defiance are exchanged for humility and dependency.

The Christian's confidence is in Christ, who proved Himself the Master of winds and waves (Mat. 8:26-27).  As the One who created everything that was made, including the elements of nature (Col. 1:16), His power exceeds anything that it can demonstrate.  As tens of millions face power outages, as property damages will be in the multi-billions of dollars, and as lives will be endangered by the unprecedented storm, this fact becomes more incredible and reassuring.  When the storms of life rage, He is our shelter.  If the physical storms threaten, we can rest in His eternal protection.  When that great event comes that ends it all (2 Pet. 3:10), we can be safe from eternal harm!  The Master of the winds and the waves mastered a problem even bigger than Sandy.  He mastered the sin problem.  If we make Him our Master, we need fear nothing this life may throw at us.


Please pray for the millions of people threatened by this storm, including a great many of our brothers and sisters in Christ.  --NP