Camp Rules


As with any other well-run camp, there must be rules in place to ensure safety and organization.

  1. Your family medical insurance is PRIMARY. See our forms on registration forms page.

  2. The record of physical examination by a medical doctor and parental authorization for emergency treatment is required for all campers and must be on file at the camp. In addition, you must also sign the application form, so be sure that the parents sign in both places. See our registration forms page.

  3. Parental authorization is required for all off-site camp trips (hiking).

  4. Everyone will adhere to the camp schedule.

  5. All campers will attend all activities unless excused by the director of the camp or nurse.

  6. No camper may leave the camp for any reason except a medical emergency.

  7. Smoking or use of tobacco, drugs or alcohol will not be allowed at any time.

  8. All medication will be turned in to the camp nurse, who will dispense it according to the doctor’s prescription. (Asthma inhalers are an exception, but still must be registered with the camp nurse).

  9. Halter-tops, midriff shirts, see-through shirts and tank tops are not allowed.

  10. No shorts, please. However, capris are allowed. All leggings (both athletic and casual) must be worn with a shirt long enough to completely cover their bottom.

  11. No cell phones or ipods. The camp directors will determine if it is necessary to use camp facility phone . Please bring stand-alone digital cameras for photos.

  12. Vulgar or abusive language will not be tolerated.

  13. Destruction of property and/or wildlife, including rock throwing, will not be tolerated.

  14. All hiking will be done in groups under the supervision of the staff.

  15. No open fires allowed accept the scheduled campfire with the staff.

  16. The directors reserve the right to send any camper or person home if, in their judgement, such action would be in the best interest of the camp or camper.

  17. We are not responsible for accidents, or lost or stolen articles.

  18. Trash is to be disposed of properly.

  19. Only one shower a day per person is permitted. We can’t waste the limited water supply.

  20. All visitors please call ahead to check in with the staff before arrival.