Knowing the challenge of advancing the gospel throughout the world, the Brauer and Korodaj families accepted the responsibility of reaching out to the people of Italy. Boasting just over one million people in the metro area of Padova, Italy, the need seemed obvious. The religious traditions of numerous organizations runs deep in this Italian culture. 

Jeff and Tia Brauer, along with Jeremy Korodaj are serving as a team in a multicultural, multifaceted setting of Italians and Ghanians who make up the Lord’s body. The church needs encouragement and strengthen, those outside of Christ need to hear the gospel, and the leadership needs development.

Bear Valley is proud to help the work of these two families in meeting the challenges within the religious and secular culture of Italy, as well, the growth and maturity of the local body of Christians. Plans for accomplishing the work include an emphasis on integration and spiritual growth of the Padova congregation, the development of several tools for evangelistic outreach into the local and surrounding metro area, and special training events to equip local leaders for future oversight of the church.


Jeff and Tia Brauer

Jeff and Tia Brauer