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Who We Are

We are a group of people from the Bear Valley church of Christ in Denver, Colorado, recognizing a need for young ladies to grow spiritually within  an environment that  enables them to bond with other girls. Our speakers, counselors  and entire staff are all members of the  church of Christ from all over the country. 

The camp is fully funded by the Bear Valley church and is watched over by our elders.


Kathy Pollard graduated from Faulkner University, is an instructor in the Women's Program at the Bible Institute of Denver, speaks several times each year in Ladies Days and other ladies events, been on several international mission trips, and is married to Neal, who is the minister at the Bear Valley church. Kathy has 3 sons.  Her first book, How Can I Give You Up?, will soon be released.

Teri Autrey graduated from Abilene Christian University, has been teaching classes at the Bear Valley congregation for over 16 years. She has recently gone to Cambodia on a Mission trip, and is married to Wes, a deacon at the Bear Valley congregation. Teri has 3 daughters.

"I like how real and sincere all of the counselors and teachers are, it's very encouraging."