A few months ago, the decision was made to, on a monthly basis, spend time in our worship services focusing on various aspects of worship. This has taken the form of organizing a worship service around the Lord’s Supper and on our giving. Today, we focus our worship service on prayer. In conjunction with our service today, the elders of this congregation ask that every family begin a 40-day period of prayer. This booklet is provided to encourage each family, each individual, to pray for the people and works outlined in the following pages. We believe the effect of the entire congregation praying for the same thing every day for 40 days will have eternal benefits for our entire congregation.

All members young and old are encouraged to make a daily commitment to bring before God the requests listed on this calendar. Because of limited space on the pages, the requests are stated briefly, but please use these requests as suggestions for your praying and do not allow them to limit how you pray about these matters. There may be other, very worthy ministries or individuals that can be included in your prayers, but we want these to serve as a basis for your prayers over the next 40 days.